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Singita Lebombo Lodge – South Africa


Lebombo is my favourite of all the lodges, perhaps its the neutral elegance it exudes or the clean contemporary feel that draws me, or the sweeping wooden decks and beckoning pool, either way, like the Lebombo Euphorbia tree after which it was named, the design of Lebombo Lodge is one of a kind.

The suites feature contemporary finishes with beds dressed with Egyptian cotton and silky-soft throws.

The bubble effect is replicated very often in the interiors, uniting the suites.

3 thoughts on “Singita Lebombo Lodge – South Africa

  1. Awesome. I like. A lot. Lebombom. Hehe.

  2. I need to visit this place sometime. My heart seems to enjoy it already. Like the modern but African designs

  3. you remind me of a young me, i am also an interior design and i just love what you do. for ten years now i have been designing african restaurants and commercial spaces and i tell u, it is hardwork but fun all the way.

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