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Singita Ebony lodge – South Africa


Ebony Lodge has a a commanding presence and an essence that evokes an intense feeling of familiarity – as if visiting a congenial family home. Sumptuous coziness is simply the order of the day – tempting you into relaxation and reflection.

The secluded thatched suites are the epitome of elegant comfort, with rooms styled with an eclectic mix of colours, fabrics and textures. A colonial feel with Egyptian linen, African throws, antiques and modern luxuries combine to create a homely, lived-in feel.

7 thoughts on “Singita Ebony lodge – South Africa

  1. Simply beautiful!!!!!!!

  2. Nice blog you’ve got here! I just wanna thank you for that.

  3. i always look forward to reading your post. gives me insights i never thought i had.

  4. its always nice to see people make positives uses of their God giving talents. bless you dear

  5. ehm! i think i would go contemporary. this one would be perfect for my great grandparents (in their grave) lol but i have seen some really lovely ones. i think its nice that you post for all and not just some, gives us greater options.

  6. quite intense but i guess the idea is to water down to one’s taste. i am glad i’ve visited. you just seem to be bursting with ideas. thanks

  7. Hi, you have a great website. just saying :)…

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