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Phinda mountain lodge South Africa


With wraparound views of the spectacular Ubombo mountain range and the surrounding Zululand bushveld, Mountain Lodge is a dramatic safari destination. Poised majestically on the crest of a mountain, the lodge commands a dramatic vista over the surrounding landscape. Balanced between soaring views of the scenery below and the endless blue of the African sky above, each suite opens onto a breathtaking panorama.

Light and space lie at the heart of Phinda Mountain Lodge. The guest area is a magnificent u-shaped building with central al fresco courtyard, which provides seductive comfort. No structures in the Lodge overlook each other, resulting in uninterrupted views from each suite or viewing deck.

The intimate sitting areas are filled with sunlight, and the dining area overlooks the Reserve with the Ubombo Mountains in the distance.

The suites are positioned to ensure complete privacy while optimising the view from the veranda.

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