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Londolozi game reserve South Africa – Founders camp (1)


Londolozi is one of the initial pioneering Private Game Reserves of the ecotourism industry in South Africa. The root of the name is found in the Zulu phrase for protect and means “protector of all things alive” – an inspiring conservation ethic that Londolozi endorses in its appreciation to the natural world. In total Londolozi has 5 beautiful lodges, each of which i would be covering extensively over the next few days. However, i would begin with the Founders camp, simply because it was the first on the list, not because it’s superior to the others.

Founders Camp  is mesmerizing, cosy and child friendly. It is excellently placed in a way that it provides an insider’s perspective of the secrets of river life. Seven picturesque chalets and three luxury suites, resting within the shadow of ancient ebony and matumi trees lining the shores of the Sand River.

Founders Camp is an African safari designed in the classic bush bohemian style, complete with cream and black ticking fabric and original mahogany beds. Deep cream couches, military chests, compass safari lamps and a riverside lounge sala, creating a mood of easy luxury.

I cant help but picture myself spread out across this sheet very gracefully if i may add. . . . except (thinking), i would have to be peeled off it because i doubt i will willingly get off it.

9 thoughts on “Londolozi game reserve South Africa – Founders camp (1)

  1. Cool…in your words: “creating a mood of easy luxury”

  2. First class designs,love the blend of nature and contemporary.Broad appeal,can suit a family hosehold as well as top notch hotels,would really love to try out lots in my house especially the nature-inspired designs and furniture

    1. i’m pleased you like it. 🙂

  3. I must say they are really lovely and ‘wild’. For those that love to admire nature and wildlife but are too scared like me, lol, I guess this is a good way to appreciate nature, that is, bringing it home. I would suggest you let readers know how much it might cost to put something like these together. That would make planning a lot easier. Finally, good job. Thanks.

    1. great idea, i’m a step ahead 🙂 as i am working towards starting up a product design company doing things quite similar to this. i’ll keep you updated. thanks loads for your suggestions.

  4. Enny, i know you love African designs, but never knew you could be this talented. Its just too good for a first time blog. I love most aspects of it, especially the work of art, designs with the mixed African blend ideas. For me, its has actually justified the passion you have for arts & fashion. Keep up the good work girl, I’ve always believed you will do exceedingly well in the near future…

    1. (big blush)………. speechless.

  5. creativity + class=Eniola. This is totally out of this world n absolutely mind blowing. Pretty cool for a 1st n u can only get better. Ennie, this ROCKS!

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