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Londolozi game reserve South Africa – Founders camp (2)


So i bet you thought that was all there was to it huh? Well there’s more and you should see me perspire with excitement right now. I am having to work extra hard too because i’m going on a tiny holiday today, so gotta type the posts for the next few days and just let the computer send it out at the scheduled time (isn’t that so cool :D). On a more relevant note, i think i am in love, these designs send so much jitters down my spine that can only be likened to love sensation ……. actually that’s not even a relevant note lol (serious face now).

Just when i thought i had done justice to Founders camp, i came across more images of its communal areas.  The window blinds below take me back to my childhood days when i and my cousins (about 25 of us in total) would visit my nan during Christmas breaks. She only had an 8 bedroom house so there were never enough rooms, my cousins and i would have to sleep on mats just like these one’s and talk all night long (good times 🙂 ).

The furniture are mostly made from bamboo which i like particularly for its subtle brown colour. Flashback to when i was much younger, i could only associate bamboo with one thing alone (lashing) because canes where made from them and my mom always had at least 3 at any given time (different lengths and sizes), so did a lot of Nigerian households (SMH, i wonder who’s mean claim to fame idea that was).

5 thoughts on “Londolozi game reserve South Africa – Founders camp (2)

  1. so on point!!! this is nice

  2. Good nice one

  3. Speechless….thumbsup girl…

  4. I love these, no doubt. They are beautiful designs. But I won’t want a look like this for my home. It would be perfect for hotels and resorts. Thumbs up.

    1. It can always be toned down to your taste. the good thing about design is that it’s not set in stone and you always get a say.

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