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Adriana Hoyos’ contemporary African collection


I’m sitting here slowly recovering from an awful strike of  Hayfever while thinking about contemporary African decor and suddenly Adriana Hoyos comes to mind. The Miami based interior designer launched her “Africa collection” in 2011, inspired by the rich and unique patterns found in the Serengeti plains. A great combination of unique African style, fine materials and high skill craftmanship.

This contemporary “Africa collection” can create its own dramatic ambiance or add to any existing room. Noble dark and light woods, reversed coconut inlay, and interesting leather applications make Africa an innovative proposal adaptable to both modern and tropical settings. Its rich hardwood grains and giraffe-infused motifs accentuate each piece’s contemporary elegance.


2 thoughts on “Adriana Hoyos’ contemporary African collection

  1. beautifulllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!! This better be affordable when Im ready!

  2. Now this is IT. Browns and greys. A lil green here and there. I can totally live here. And that reverse coconut thingy with the sofas and throw pillows, def works for me. Only, a white sofa, gonna be hard to maintain.

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