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Hi there, welcome to Homafrica, we are pleased to have you here and we have got so much to offer you, but first let us tell you a little about ourselves.

Homafrica was founded by Eniola., an Interior Designer and an ardent traveller with a zeal for business and a love for sustainable development and recycling. Homafrica represents hundreds of African Artisans. Eniola hails from the Yoruba tribe of West Africa but has lived in the UK for over a decade.

Homafrica operates from a small warehouse in South West England, but our network spans across the world. We are constantly designing and producing carefully handcrafted items in our UK workshop as well as directly with Artisans all over Africa, and bringing them into the UK by sea, from where they are shipped all over the world to lovely shoppers like yourself.

Working in Africa poses unique challenges, but Homafrica prides itself on creative problem solving and inspired design. We believe in fairness: this shows in how we trade. With our artisans, we build a lasting relationship that allows them personal and professional growth. We pay more than local prices and on time too because artisans put in their best to cater for their families. Paying a higher rate than local prices means that our artisans are happy and we are able to get better quality work for our customers too.

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